The Fault In Our Stars Playlist

Here’s a list of songs that helped me get through this novel:

Note: Listen at own risk. Some songs, coinciding with the context of the novel cause uncontrollable crying and heartache

  1. Broadway, Here I Come - Jeremy Jordan (written by Joe Iconis)
  2. Amsterdam - Coldplay
  3. October - Stephan Moccio
  4. Daylight / Daylight (Instrumental) - Coldplay
  5. Angels/Losing/Sleep - Our Lady Peace
  6. Sparks - Coldplay
  7. The Drugs Don’t Work - The Verve
  8. Green Eyes - Coldplay
  9. Run Away With Me - Aaron Tveit
  10. Everything’s Not Lost - Coldplay
  11. Lucky Man - The Verve
  12. Boy Falls From The Sky - Reeve Carney
  13. Up With The Birds - Coldplay

Update: Here’s the full playlist on YouTube. Enjoy drowning in your tears.

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